lundi 12 janvier 2015

Why 2015 may break the market's lucky 5 streak

"Lately, everyone has made rather frequent mention of the fact that since World War II, or thereabouts, the stock market has ended up in every year since that ended in "5." "

If the last two market days are any indication, that record could be just one of several broken in the year 2015.

I remain convinced that U.S. stocks are the place to be and that Wall Street is enjoying a secular, or long-term, bull market, based on a variety of positive influences:

- Historically low interest rates
- Inexpensive energy
- A manufacturing renaissance
- Technological innovation
- Accelerating growth
- Decelerating deficits
- A confident consumer
- Washington working again
- More robust demand for residential real estate

I have been operating on this thesis for close to three years now and, with the exception of a meaningful rebound in real estate, more has gone right in each instance than wrong.

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