mardi 13 janvier 2015

Facebook knows you better than your family

"A computer can determine your personality better than your closest friends family by using your Facebook "likes" to judge your character, university researchers found."

The study of 86,220 volunteers highlighted how artificial intelligence can use data to accurately predict a person's traits.

The researchers at the University of Cambridge and Stanford dubbed the findings an "important milestone" towards more social human-computer interactions

"In this context, the human-computer interactions depicted in science fiction films such as "Her" seem to be within our reach," lead author Wu Youyou, from

Cambridge's Psychometrics Centre, said in a press release. "Her" depicts the relationship between a man and an intelligent computer system.

Read more (cnbc): The findings showed that by analyzing just 10 likes on Facebook, the computer could more accurately predict a subject's personality than a work colleague.

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