lundi 5 janvier 2015

This is where the market goes in 2015

"With the market taking a nosedive on Monday, sellers came out of the woodwork to unload stocks. It also gave cause for Jim Cramer to think about the direction of the market for 2015, and the stock winners of 2014."

What caused Monday's decline? Was it the new low in the price of oil? The strong U.S. dollar? Maybe it's not that complicated.

"After a 12 percent positive year, you have lots of investors just trying to lock down some good gains. I can't blame them," Cramer said.

With the decline, the "Mad Money" host took the opportunity to review the Top 10 silly preconceptions that served as alibis to justify selling in 2014.

Read more (CNBC): These are lessons that can be applied on down days like Monday to keep investors grounded in discipline.

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