jeudi 15 janvier 2015

The key tech trends shaping Africa in the next 5 years

"Chika Nwobi and Kresten Buch of Nigerian startup accelerator and funding programme 440ng discuss the key tech trends which will shape Africa in the next five years"

Africa is standing on the precipice of an economic boom. According to World Bank projections for global growth, out of the 20 fastest growing economies in the world right now, 11 are in our continent.

While the African growth story is far from homogeneous and some serious socio-political challenges need to be overcome before talk of economic success is possible, positive signs from the technology sector are giving hope.

The strength of the technology and startup sector across Africa is reflected in the startling fact senior executives are starting to leave secure positions in banking and telecoms in order to start their own businesses.

With the West facing continued economic uncertainty and stagnation, the next five years are set to be an instrumental period in the development of Africa’s economy.

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