dimanche 23 août 2015

#Finance: #SouthKorea Pledges to Stabilize #Markets Amid #Geopolitical Scare - #Business

China still on the frontline and on the economic press headline about the asian markets because of the fall in link of the bubble.
Manuy things to say about this financial crisis, but just let have a look at the following article.

Alexandre Aufauvre

"South Korean policy makers pledged action to stabilize financial markets amid tension with North Korea that is raising concern over capital outflows and volatility."

The Bank of Korea said Monday that efforts to calm markets are important, adding that it will closely monitor external risks and come up with measures to mitigate them if needed.

The two Koreas continued a marathon session of talks Monday aimed at lowering tensions across their heavily fortified border. The Finance Ministry said over the weekend it will “preemptively act” if market instability spreads.
“The stand-off between South and North came when uncertainties over China’s growth were already raising market volatility,” said Oh Suktae, a Seoul-based economist for SG Securities Co. “There’s not much policy makers can do if there is an all-out war. That negotiations are going on probably means neither of the Koreas wants more tension.”

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#Nasdaq: There Is No #SiliconValley Crash Coming, For A While - #Business #Investments

Since a moment (2 or 3 months), all special medias are talking about a bubble on the markets, specialy from China and too the technology. 
Every weeks, many of then explain and decode many signals from values in Nasdaq stocks to discuss about the what's happened for the near days, around September. 
Here's an analyse for a Silicon Valley Crash Coming...

"Talk of the bubble bursting eventually surfaces with every successful market. When valuations are increasing exponentially, excitement is building to a fever pitch, and companies are sprouting seemingly overnight, it’s almost like everyone becomes afraid that success won’t last."

The headlines are beginning to appear already, like the July 23rd article in TechCrunch, heralding the imminent doom and gloom that would come from the tech bubble burst: “Should it burst, the tech bubble will have ramifications that ripple around the tech world like the shockwave from an apocalyptic asteroid. Most tech hubs are not self-sufficient at all; the fact that they are always referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of [insert country]’ should be a tipoff that they are merely branches off the trunk that is Silicon Valley. Even prolific hubs like Israel, China and India depend on Silicon Valley to pump capital through their arteries.”
Additionally, the media points to the emergence of unicorns — those companies valued at more than $1 billion, like Slack — and now the “decacorns,” which are those valued at more than $10 billion, like Uber (which has been given the illustrious valuation of $50 billion).

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samedi 22 août 2015

How The Digital Economy Can Help End Extreme Poverty

Stronger than any gouvernment and political system, digital business can offer any technical profil worker a employment. Less expensive to create and developpe than an industrial business with devices and tools occupying a large area, digital is a just a computer and competences!!!

"When I was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia recently as part of the U.S. government’s delegation to theThird International Conference on Financing for Development, I was struck by how much the international development landscape is changing."

Where governments were once the primary source of development assistance, today the private sector, civil society, academia and donors are all working together to discover, fund and scale innovative solutions to longtime development challenges.

Some of these solutions have already resulted in transformative innovations that have improved development outcomes.

In the past two decades alone, advances in mobile technology and digital connectivity have completely revolutionized how we interact with the world around us. They also provide unparalleled opportunities to deliver social impact and economic returns to millions of people in developing countries, while engaging new actors in the development process.

"Building the skills and ecosystem to participate in the fast-growing digital economy is likely one of the most powerful drivers for future employment and economic prosperity."

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jeudi 20 août 2015

10 #Currencies That May Follow Tenge in Tumble Triggered by #China

Those last days, China had live the most important economic event of its history.
Chinese money, yuan, have fall with the the whole of rest of the economy. 

Importation, exportation, china live a hard time with social problems, in link with its business developement...

"On most days, Kazakhstan finds itself in the backwaters of financial markets. Yet, it’s this central Asian nation that has delivered the latest shock to global currency trading."

Thursday’s 22 percent plunge in the tenge after Kazakhstan abandoned control of its exchange rate revealed a sense of urgency among policy makers: they had tried a managed depreciation just a day earlier. 

The escalation signaled to investors that it has become too costly for developing nations to defend their currencies. Vietnam also devalued the dong, while freely traded currencies such the South African rand and Turkey’s lira extended losses.

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mercredi 19 août 2015

La #Cuisine des #Entrepreneurs - atelier #Macaron

Evénement Business et Gastronomie "La Cuisine des Entrepreneurs"

"La Cuisine des Entrepreneurs" vous convie à son premier événement networking le 24 Septembre 2015 pour un atelier Macaron, au laboratoire gourmand MyGatô, 2 rue du plat - 69002 Lyon

MyGatô laboratoire gourmand

10 places disponible
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