jeudi 29 août 2013

Which Start-Up Could Be the Next Big Thing?

Start-Up & successful business

When it comes to technology start-ups, there are a lot of paths to success.

Some successful start-ups sell for a billion dollars, as Tumblr did this year to Yahoo.

When that happens, it’s a windfall for the founders of the start-ups as well as for the investors and some employees.

Other new companies are considered successful if they attract millions of users and venture money before going public, as Facebook did and Twitter is doing.

And still others are considered hot because their products attract demographic groups that advertisers want to reach or because they have come up with some new idea or technology that seems to change the way we live.

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Britain Rules Out Military Strike on Syria

The government motion was defeated by 285 votes to 272.

Prime Minister David Cameron said that Britain would not participate militarily in any strike against Syria after he lost a parliamentary vote.

It was a stunning defeat for a government that had seemed days away from joining the United States and France.

Thursday evening’s vote was nonbinding, but in a short statement to Parliament afterward.

Mr. Cameron said that he respected the will of Parliament and that it was clear to him.

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Obama Willing to Pursue Solo Syria Strikes, Aides Say

Obama moves ahead with a limited military strike

President Obama is prepared to move ahead with a limited military strike on Syria, administration officials said on Thursday, even with a rejection of such action by Britain’s Parliament, an increasingly restive Congress, and lacking an endorsement from the United Nations Security Council.

Although the officials cautioned that Mr. Obama had not made a final decision, all indications suggest that the strike could occur as soon as United Nations inspectors.

They are scheduled to depart Damascus, the capital, on Saturday.

Read more... The White House is to present its case for military action against Syria to Congressional leaders on Thursday night.

Do sporty women make better entrepreneurs?

Sport, women & entrepreneurs

Sweden playing Germany at the recent UEFA Women's European Championship 2013

Whoops and cheers greet Shavannia Williams, who steps onto the conference floor with an agility unfettered by her 6in (15cm) stilettos.

This is Heels and Helmets, a training camp for women in Washington DC that uses sport to help them elevate their business game.

"Sport teaches us that you cannot allow your accomplishments to make you complacent, and you can't allow your fears to stop you from soaring," says Ms Williams, president of Heels and Helmets, and editor of an online magazine of the same name.

"It's about understanding the culture behind sports as well as the vernacular. I relate it to working and studying in another country."

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The US professionals quitting the rat race to become farmers

The US professionals to become farmers

Farmer Erik Jacobs

Farming has always been a hard way to make a living.

Now, a small but - anecdotally - growing group of Americans are leaving the structure and security of an office job for the gruelling, yet rewarding work of earning money from the land.

Some want to be a part of improving the food supply for themselves and their community.

Others are excited by the prospect of becoming self-sufficient, or simply working outdoors like their ancestors did.

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L'économie allemande en 7 dates : le 23 août 1887, la naissance du "made in Germany"

Naissance du "made in Germany"


Avant les élections allemandes du 22 septembre prochain, La Tribune vous propose de revenir sur l'histoire de l'économie allemande en 7 dates choisies subjectivement.

Aujourd'hui : le 23 août 1887. Les Britanniques ont pensé défendre leur production contre les produits allemands, alors mauvais et bon marché, en obligeant l'indication de l'origine des produits.

Mais l'Allemagne va faire de ce piège un atout et du "Made in Germany" une publicité gratuite.

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US fast-food workers on strike over pay

US fast-food workers pay

Fast-food workers in dozens of US cities are on strike, union leaders say, in what could be one of the industry's biggest walkouts.

Workers want to be paid $15 (£10) an hour, double the rate for many employees at fast-food chains.

In New York City, about 300 protesters flooded into a McDonald's near the Empire State Building.

The strike comes amid calls by President Barack Obama and some lawmakers to raise the US minimum wage.

Read more... Those members of Congress suggest bringing the current rate up to $9 an hour from $7.25, previously set in 2009.

US economic growth revised upwards to 2.5%

US economic growth

US shoppers

The US economy grew at an annualised pace of 2.5% in the second quarter of the year, the Commerce Department said in revised figures.

That was more than double the pace recorded in the previous three months, and above estimates of 2.2%.

The rise, helped by an increase in exports, is a further sign that the economy may be getting back on track.

Read more... The government had originally estimated that GDP grew at a 1.7% rate in the second quarter.

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La France évitera-t-elle le piège syrien?

Paris à tout à perdre à soutenir un camp contre l’autre : personne n’est capable d’assurer aujourd’hui que la démocratie, évidemment souhaitée, s’installera à Damas.

Il est même permis de redouter l’issue inverse, qui verrait les islamistes, chassés d’Egypte par le peuple, prendre le pouvoir en Syrie grâce aux Américains et à ses martiaux alliés.

Le risque d’un conflit mondial, mobilisant la Russie, la Chine et l’Iran contre les partisans d’une intervention, est une hypothèse qui, à elle seule, oblige à une élémentaire prudence.

D’ailleurs, le chef de l’Etat a admis, mardi, que "cette guerre civile (en Syrie) menace la paix du monde". Oui, il est urgent de ne rien faire car, malheureusement, il est trop tard.

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