mercredi 10 décembre 2014

Facebook assembles An AdTech Voltron

Facebook’s plot for ad domination is coming to fruition.
Facebook Combines Atlas, Audience Network, And LiveRail Into An AdTech Voltron

Today at Facebook headquarters, its ad execs explained how two years of seemingly isolated launches and acquisitions are melding into a powerful way to show ads across the Internet and track the purchases they inspire both online and offline.

Here’s how the pieces come together: Facebook brings its 1.35 billion users and massive engagement with the News Feed where it shows its ads.

Because its huge user base stays logged in across web and mobile, it has a unified understanding of people’s identities in a way most platforms don’t.

Facebook’s wealth of personal data means it can target ads more accurately.

Read more: For instance, it says it can target gender with 90 percent accuracy compared to the online ad industry average of 50 percent.

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