mardi 1 septembre 2015

World's youngest female billionaire, next #SteveJobs? #Business #CEO #Innovating

Many say that, after the Jobs death, the one taht could replace him as a business leader and innovator called Elon Musk.
But the Silicon Valley live with many mystery and personality.
Time to change. After many female CEO name, as Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer, one fo her is a innovating CEO company, Theranos technology. 
Her name, Elisabeth Holmes... 

Alexandre Aufauvre

In light of "Mad Money" in San Francisco this week, Jim Cramer dove right in to talk to some of the most innovative companies out there right now.

Sometimes that means going off the tape to speak to a privately held company that could be a game changer for its industry. 

Theranos is a revolutionary diagnostics company with the goal of allowing individuals to take better control of their bodies, while changing the inefficient ways of an older medical system.

Elizabeth Holmes founded the Theranos technology, which allows individuals to provide blood samples in a way that is faster, cheaper and better. 

As a college dropout from Stanford University when she was a sophomore, Holmes decided to take her money and focus on changing the world instead.

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