mercredi 30 septembre 2015

#Stretgy: Real Dads Drive #Teslas - #Automaker #design #Tech

"Why the Model X is a great family car. And why we won't be buying one."

After years of delays, Tesla has finally handed over the first run of the Model X, an all-electric SUV with a range of more than 250 miles per charge.

The car was focus-grouped and designed to appeal to women, who buy 53 percent of SUVs in the U.S.

Here are seven reasons the Model X may now be the best family car on the road, and why we still won't be buying one.

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  1. How could we describe the futur? For long years, futur were personal computer, since 1980 up 2000.
    But if you were talking about futur with cars, nothing and no one could join you onit.
    Only the conquest of space could have any thing to consider with all the argument about this matter.
    Just two owners could invite themself to consider business and private industry around the futur, in the space and on the road!!
    Richard Branson, Virigin group, and Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla.
    Done for both !!

    Here is a report about Tesla's Musk group and automaker for his Model X.

    Alexandre Aufauvre