vendredi 10 avril 2015

#Tax: What’s worrying the wealthy ahead of #UK election - #Polls #Policy

"With under a month to go until U.K. voters head to the polls, some of the country's wealthiest residents are awaiting the results with trepidation."

Every day of the campaign seems to bring a new headline that could be interpreted as an attack on private wealth (whether it's held in U.K. property or an overseas bank account).

Opinion polls are having great difficulty predicting who'll be in power in a few weeks, with one YouGov/The Sun poll suggesting a Conservative Party lead on Thursday, while another Survation/Daily Mirror poll showing a four point lead for the opposition Labour Party.

Here, CNBC takes a look at the main issues that could affect the international super-rich who have flocked to London and the South of England in recent years, tempted by its political stability and lifestyle, as well as its favorable tax regime.

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