lundi 13 avril 2015

#Asia's #Bankers Settle for Steady #Pay While Global Firms Retreat

"Six percent of the managing directors working for regional banks and boutique financial firms in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan are poised to earn base salaries of $400,000 or above this year"

"A steady paycheck". That’s what senior bankers say they get from Asian banks, instead of the higher but less dependable salaries on offer at more glamorous global rivals, according to Options Group Inc.

Bankers at regional firms may be happier to hang around for lower pay as firms from Standard Chartered Plc to Royal Bank of Scotland Plc wind back their operations to bolster profitability.

Domestic banks are starting to win more business, with three Southeast Asian firms including Malayan Banking Bhd. ranking among the top five managers of the region’s equity deals for the first time in 2014.

Read more: “For a senior professional, if the financial services environment looks uncertain, there is a perception that local banks might offer greater job stability”

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