lundi 23 février 2015

There's an engineer shakeup happening within Google Glass

"Google is reportedly shuffling engineers within its Glass department, according to blog 9to5Google, which claims to have spoken with sources close to the situation." 

If true, the move comes just as Google is expected to be working on a new version of Google Glass.

There has been so much movement that some are calling the current group working on Google's wearable display the "new" Glass team, according to 9to5Google. 

The shakeup, if true, is one of several key changes Google has taken with its management strategy regarding Glass. In January, Google announced it was shuttering sales of Glass for now, while Fortune reported Nest CEO Tony Fadell would lead the Glass team moving forward. 

The Wall Street Journal also reported in November that the next version of Glass, to be powered by one of Intel's chips, will be targeted more toward enterprise use cases rather than consumers (read more).

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