dimanche 15 février 2015

The Minimalist Guide To Personal Branding On Social Media

"Personal branding. What is this alien concept you speak of? Despite this becoming much more prevalent among Internet users, I still have found through casual conversation that it’s a rather uncommon concept throughout the general public."

Personal branding is the use of social media and other Internet platforms to define your personal and professional goals and interests, in addition to connecting with other like-minded individuals.

So, why should you brand yourself? Isn’t that just for companies?

No. It’s not (that sort of mindset is also very common though).

Some people simply don’t care enough to put in the effort to do so, but it’s crucial if you want to break away from the mold and stand out among your peers.

In a world of constant change and copious amounts of talent, you can’t expect to be noticed unless you do something different.

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