vendredi 9 octobre 2015

#Tesla vs #Apple: Talent war or sour grapes? - #business #tech #Nasdaq

""Silicon Valley recruiters reveal which jobs elite engineers really crave" - Elon Musk, the brains behind carmaker Tesla, publicly traded barbs with Apple over the brands' long-running talent wars, according to reports in a German newspaper."

"They have hired people we've fired. We always jokingly call Apple the 'Tesla graveyard,'" Musk said.

But to Silicon Valley recruiters, engineers moving between Apple and Tesla is hardly news. Instead, it's symptomatic of the scarcity of top talent as the technology space expands.

While analysts speculate whether Apple or Tesla would win the market for something like a self-driving car, both companies have stellar reputations in the tech space. 

What makes a bigger difference for top engineers is what they can get out of the job and whether their talent will be valued there (and Musk's comments may not make him seem like a better boss).

Full article: "There is fierce competition. Period. Beyond Tesla and beyond Apple"

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