mardi 6 octobre 2015

#Porsche rejects #Android Auto because #Google is too demanding - #tech #automaker #strategy

"If you were hoping to run Android Auto in your 2017 Porsche 911, think again. Apparently, Google simply wants too much information for Porsche's comfort."

A report from Motor Trend indicates that, in order to program Android Auto (Google's version of its mobile OS for in-dash infotainment systems) for the iconic Porsche sports car, the German automaker would have to turn over a mountain of data.

The information required ranges from vehicle speed, throttle position, oil and coolant temperature, and engine rpm, to name a few, every time the car is turned on. 

After all, Porsche builds some of the most precise motoring machines on the planet (at least, according to Porsche). Sharing this sort of data (even with a tech giant like Google that is reportedly not interested in becoming a carmaker) is akin to giving another company an in-depth look at how the magic is made.

And Porsches are rife with German magic.

Click 4 More: For Porsche, this simply won't do.

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