dimanche 30 novembre 2014

The Algorithm Economy Heads To Amazon

Holidays are a time for families to come together, catch up over great food and drinks, and determine all the technical problems that need solving throughout the house.

Indeed, for children growing up in the digital age, the holidays ultimately boil down to free (or more accurately, meal-subsidized) technical support for our most cherished loved ones.Kids: Amazon has you covered.

Well, almost. This past week, Amazon publicly introduced an early release of Selling Services, which we had previously mentioned the company was working on a few months ago.

Amazon is developing a marketplace that offers after-sale services such as car alarm installation, iPhone repair, and computer hardware setup to consumers buying relevant products. Today, the marketplace is available in 15 early rollout cities, including New York City and Lexington, Kentucky.

After-sale services are among the highest profit margin revenue streams for retailers, so it is little surprise that Amazon is jumping into the fray.

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