dimanche 23 août 2015

#Finance: #SouthKorea Pledges to Stabilize #Markets Amid #Geopolitical Scare - #Business

China still on the frontline and on the economic press headline about the asian markets because of the fall in link of the bubble.
Manuy things to say about this financial crisis, but just let have a look at the following article.

Alexandre Aufauvre

"South Korean policy makers pledged action to stabilize financial markets amid tension with North Korea that is raising concern over capital outflows and volatility."

The Bank of Korea said Monday that efforts to calm markets are important, adding that it will closely monitor external risks and come up with measures to mitigate them if needed.

The two Koreas continued a marathon session of talks Monday aimed at lowering tensions across their heavily fortified border. The Finance Ministry said over the weekend it will “preemptively act” if market instability spreads.
“The stand-off between South and North came when uncertainties over China’s growth were already raising market volatility,” said Oh Suktae, a Seoul-based economist for SG Securities Co. “There’s not much policy makers can do if there is an all-out war. That negotiations are going on probably means neither of the Koreas wants more tension.”

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