dimanche 23 août 2015

#Nasdaq: There Is No #SiliconValley Crash Coming, For A While - #Business #Investments

Since a moment (2 or 3 months), all special medias are talking about a bubble on the markets, specialy from China and too the technology. 
Every weeks, many of then explain and decode many signals from values in Nasdaq stocks to discuss about the what's happened for the near days, around September. 
Here's an analyse for a Silicon Valley Crash Coming...

"Talk of the bubble bursting eventually surfaces with every successful market. When valuations are increasing exponentially, excitement is building to a fever pitch, and companies are sprouting seemingly overnight, it’s almost like everyone becomes afraid that success won’t last."

The headlines are beginning to appear already, like the July 23rd article in TechCrunch, heralding the imminent doom and gloom that would come from the tech bubble burst: “Should it burst, the tech bubble will have ramifications that ripple around the tech world like the shockwave from an apocalyptic asteroid. Most tech hubs are not self-sufficient at all; the fact that they are always referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of [insert country]’ should be a tipoff that they are merely branches off the trunk that is Silicon Valley. Even prolific hubs like Israel, China and India depend on Silicon Valley to pump capital through their arteries.”
Additionally, the media points to the emergence of unicorns — those companies valued at more than $1 billion, like Slack — and now the “decacorns,” which are those valued at more than $10 billion, like Uber (which has been given the illustrious valuation of $50 billion).

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