jeudi 20 août 2015

10 #Currencies That May Follow Tenge in Tumble Triggered by #China

Those last days, China had live the most important economic event of its history.
Chinese money, yuan, have fall with the the whole of rest of the economy. 

Importation, exportation, china live a hard time with social problems, in link with its business developement...

"On most days, Kazakhstan finds itself in the backwaters of financial markets. Yet, it’s this central Asian nation that has delivered the latest shock to global currency trading."

Thursday’s 22 percent plunge in the tenge after Kazakhstan abandoned control of its exchange rate revealed a sense of urgency among policy makers: they had tried a managed depreciation just a day earlier. 

The escalation signaled to investors that it has become too costly for developing nations to defend their currencies. Vietnam also devalued the dong, while freely traded currencies such the South African rand and Turkey’s lira extended losses.

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