mercredi 11 septembre 2013

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Li Keqiang at the World Economic Forum: China economy at crucial stage:
China's economy is going through a "crucial" stage of restructuring, says the country's Premier, Li Keqiang..
At the World Economic Forum in the Chinese port city of Dalian, Mr Li pledged to improve relations with foreign firms.
A woman in a Chinese textile factory

HS2 to boost UK economy 'by £15bn a year' says report
A new report says the HS2 rail project could boost the UK economy by £15bn a year.
Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin presented the findings as he reasserted the case for the new rail line.


The smartphone app that lets a blind skater roam free
Like many young people, Ronja Oja likes skating. She is also blind.
The 21-year-old Helsinki student usually knows where she is, skating in areas she is familiar with - but sometimes she does gets lost.
This used to mean either finding someone nearby to help, or phoning a friend.
Ronja Oja out on her skates

Are we close to making human ‘mind control’ a reality? 
Human-to-human "mind control" has, until now, been a concept in science fiction and fantasy
With one tap on his space bar, Andrea Stocco fires the cannon on his computer game and blows a rocket out of the sky.
The game itself is unremarkable - in fact it looks like a relic of the 1980s.
What is remarkable is the way it is being played because the University of Washington researcher can't actually see it.
Two heads

Barroso's state of union: EU must not delay reforms
The head of the European Union's executive has warned that the bloc must not ease off on reform as growth edges back to the economy.
Jose Manuel Barroso gives his 2013 state of the union speech

UK unemployment rate drops to 7.7%
The rate of unemployment in the UK dropped to 7.7% between May and July from 7.8% in the previous three months.
David Cameron says Britain is "turning a corner" but admits the government has "still got a long way to go" on unemployment

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