vendredi 20 septembre 2013

Billionaire Bollore Takes Empire Back to Brittany With Batteries

“We come from Brittany, the land of people who aren’t afraid”

French Billionaire Vincent Bollore

French billionaire Vincent Bollore is used to getting kudos from investors and analysts. Now he’s got France’s president angling to share that spotlight.

With French unemployment at a 14-year high, Bollore’s move to expand production and add jobs at his electric-car battery factory near Quimper, Brittany, earned him a visit from President Francois Hollande, who travels to France’s western-most province today to speak at the site’s inauguration.

Blue Solutions, headed for an initial public offering in 40 days, is one of the latest developments Bollore’s brought to his family’s business.

Read more... “A normal company gets orders first, then builds factories. We’re building factories first: we’re not like other companies.”

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