jeudi 29 août 2013

Do sporty women make better entrepreneurs?

Sport, women & entrepreneurs

Sweden playing Germany at the recent UEFA Women's European Championship 2013

Whoops and cheers greet Shavannia Williams, who steps onto the conference floor with an agility unfettered by her 6in (15cm) stilettos.

This is Heels and Helmets, a training camp for women in Washington DC that uses sport to help them elevate their business game.

"Sport teaches us that you cannot allow your accomplishments to make you complacent, and you can't allow your fears to stop you from soaring," says Ms Williams, president of Heels and Helmets, and editor of an online magazine of the same name.

"It's about understanding the culture behind sports as well as the vernacular. I relate it to working and studying in another country."

Read more... But while using sporting analogies in business isn't new...

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